About Us


Why don't I make my own?

Before I got started, I noticed my nails were a popular topic of conversation with people and I enjoyed sharing tips and tricks. Feeling burnt out from the endless search of finding something new and not fitting into a specific style category, I wanted to make my own sets. Combining my love of glitter and bold colors, I started creating unique designs to match my unique style.

Everyone Wants a Set!

Seeing my new designs, when people asked where I got my nails done I was so excited to say, "I made them myself!" They started asking if I would make them sets. Through a little workshopping, I learned different techniques to offer more design options. With their feedback and inspiration, I've created quality, hand-crafted nail sets with a bold, distinctive flair.

Designs For Everyone!

I had so many people requesting nail sets, I knew this would be an awesome way to start a business. In developing new designs, I've collaborated with a diverse group of people to create something for any and everybody! We believe everyone should express themselves in the ways that make them happy and we are happy to offer that extra edge!